Child support agreement in bc but both parents live abroad now. for new childsupport agreement do you go through canada or the new country of residence?

Asked almost 9 years ago in British Columbia
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Robert J. Klassen

Answer by Robert J. Klassen

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If the child support agreement stated that British Columbia would be the applicable jurisdiction for any changes in the amount of child support then a new agreement should be entered into as Brtitish Columbia's age of majority is 19, in other provinces it can be 18, so if both parents are living abroad it would make sense to apply the child support amounts where the child is ordinarily resident. 
Robert Klassen

Posted almost 9 years ago

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<br />When the child turns 19 and decides to go to University would you go back to court then or would the original child support agreement continu?.&nbsp;Child is a citizen of the UK as well and lives there permanently&nbsp;for&nbsp;12 yrs&nbsp;. And would the rules then apply to the UK?

Posted almost 9 years ago

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