Who is responsible to pay travel expenses for the children when the non-custodial parent wishes to see them?

He pays 1/3 of his income to support the kids. &nbsp;He keeps 2/3 of his income for himself and the 17 yr old child that lives with him. &nbsp;I ended up having to move because what he pays me in support barely covers rent, let alone living expenses. &nbsp;(I am unable to work because of our autistic 9yr old son). <p>Now, my ex tries to say that I have to pay 1/2 the travel expenses every time he wants to see the kids because I'm the one that moved away. &nbsp;He can better afford it than I can, except for the fact that he has put himself far into debt because of a shopping addiction.</p>

Asked about 9 years ago in British Columbia
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Normally the person who is exercising the access bears the access costs, although it is possible to adjust the amount of child support to take some of those costs into account.  Here, however. where he should be paying a basic amount plus sharing the special or extraordinary expsenses, such as that portion of medical or dental not covered by a plan in proportion to your respective guideline incomes, you may wish to revisit the child support structrure to ensure you are receiving the full amounts contemplated by the Child Support Guidelines. 
You could contact the Family Court closest to where you live and they usually have somebody there to assist in this regard.

Posted about 9 years ago

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