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I am a U.S. citizen living in TN, my husband's 12 years old niece live with her mother in Vancouver,Canada. My husband and I would like to invite our niece to come visit us during summer. Her permanent resident card expired and she sent in all the documents to renew it since February 22,2010. She hasn't receive her new card yet. What will be the best way that you'll recommend us to do or her to do so she can come visit. Can she travel outside of the country to visit without her permanent resident card and then go apply for the travel document at the Canadian consulate later?? Can she sign any types of document since she still a minor (12years old) without her mother?? Can her mother write a letter to show that her grandmother can be her temporary guardian while she's come to stay with us???

Asked almost 8 years ago in Vancouver, Ontario
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Steven Meurrens

Answer by Steven Meurrens

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It is possible to travel outside of Canada without a valid PR card, although obviously it is preferable to have one.

For general information on traveling outside of Canada as a permanent resident without a valid PR card I would consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. However, for specific information regarding how your niece - a minor - can do so, and what the most appropriate steps your family should take are, I would contact a lawyer.


Steven Meurrens

Posted almost 8 years ago

Please note that this is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice to you. Legal advice pertaining to your particular situation can only be provided by a lawyer who has met with you to obtain all pertinent background information necessary to give you a formal legal opinion. For formal legal advice, hire a lawyer (many give a free first consultation). Contact Steven Meurrens, or search the Lawyer Directory.


thank you for your advice. I would talk to her mother and see what they want to do otherwise they might have to postpone it till next year. I don't know much about Canada Immigration law like I know about US immigration law.

Posted almost 8 years ago

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