Selling my house to someone who was interested in it before i signed a contract with an agent.

I will soon be putting my house up for sale (I live in Ontario).  I will sign a short contract (45 - 60 days) with a real estate agent.  Before doing so, I have shown my house to an acquaitance who is interested in purchasing it, but can not firm up a deal at the present time.  Can I sign with an agent and still have this acquaitance buy my house if/when they are ready if it's during the contract period?  If not, can they buy at the end of the contract that I have with the real estate agent?  Is there a waiting period after the contract before this acquaitance could buy my house?  This acquaintance would want to be exempt from real estate fees due to the fact that she has shown an interest and seen the house prior to me using an agent.

Asked about 6 years ago in Ontario
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Maureen C. Tabuchi

Answer by Maureen C. Tabuchi

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Yes - you can do this so that the buyer you know will not have to pay real estate fees. Let the realtor know the situation and make sure they put the exception into the listing agreement that you sign. There should be no waiting period. Always best to have a lawyer review anything before you sign it :)
Normally they won't charge as it will just be included in your ultimate sale legal fees.
Good luck!

Posted about 6 years ago

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