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I have a question regarding liquor liability.&nbsp; I am holding a wedding and purchasing the alcohol, which will be served by smart-serve bartenders.&nbsp; Our liquor agreement with the rented facility states that the permit holder of the Special Occasion Permit cannot consume alcohol, but according to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission we can designate someone to be responsible.&nbsp; <p>Where would the liability fall if something were to happen?&nbsp; On the permit holder or on the designate?&nbsp; I really don't want my designate to take on that type of responsibility.<br /><br />I realize the smart-serve bartenders would also be liable.&nbsp; We are doing our due diligence by hiring smart serve bartenders and providing a shuttle bus to the hotel.</p>

Asked over 8 years ago in Ontario
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L. John Alexander

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Short answer is that in Host liability cases, most claims would be commenced against ALL permit holders, ALL people designated as being in charge or responsible, and ALL the owners and renters of the facility itself So yes, if you ask someone to be the responsible designate, they are exposed.  You should consider availible insurance, and determine who is covered under the insurance held by the rented facility.

Posted over 8 years ago

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