What are my options regarding a home co-owned with my soon to be ex that is not selling?

My husband and I are separated and own a home in BC that has been on the market for over a year.  We recently took it off due to the terrible housing market.  We have tenants in there now, but we're still paying almost $300 per month each to top up the payments.  He wants to ride it out and wait until the market improves. I want to sell sooner rather than later, but not if it means losing money. My hands are tied in terms of purchasing a house where I am now.  He refuses to buy me out, and I can't afford to nor do I want to buy him out.  I've relocated to Manitoba, and have no intention of moving back to BC.  He's in Ontario.  What are my options?  

Asked over 6 years ago in British Columbia
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Lorne N. MacLean

Answer by Lorne N. MacLean

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You should call us to set up an initial consultation. Please go to our contact us page and fill it out fully and ALSO set out the details of the location, value, monthly payments and whether you have been satisfied with the realtors. What is the value and equity after you deduct the mortgage and or line of credit etc against it?

Posted over 6 years ago

Lorne N. MacLean Senior Partner Maclean Family Law Group Vancouver Office lorne@bcfamilylaw.ca

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