Assault causing bodily harm

Yesterday I was charged with assault causing bodily harm. I was at a local bar when talking to my recent ex girl friend she turned around and starting kissing a guy right beside me. They both were smerking. I hauled off and hit the guy three times. I was very intoxicated and really not something I would do, I never get violent nor do I have a criminal record. I'm clean.&nbsp; <p>The guy I hit is a local drug dealer and I would buy the occasional cannibus from him. Bringing this forward to the court would help or not? I would bassically admitting to my drug dealings.&nbsp;</p> <p>Also since the crown is laying the charges and he nor her (she is the primary witness who gave a statement that night, he did not) shows up for court does that mean the charges are thrown out? She has moved across country and I doubt she would fly home just to testify.&nbsp;</p> <p>What do you think my penalty would be? Me having a clean wrap sheet and all</p>

Asked about 8 years ago in New Brunswick
Categories: Criminal Law

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Daniel R Jardine

Answer by Daniel R Jardine

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In order to have your questioned answered with any accuracy, you should consider having a lawyer review the disclosure.
If the witness doesn atend trial it does not mean that the charges will be dismissed.  The Crown may request an adjournemnt to have their wotness brought before the cour to testify.
Alleging that the victim is a drug dealer will do nothing to help you in your defence.  Each victim is entitled to equal protection under the law.

Posted about 8 years ago

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