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My grandson is 14 years old and is from separated parents under the BC Family Relations Act.&nbsp; The parents have joint custody and guardianship under a "By Consent Final Order" in the BC Provincial Court.&nbsp; There are two children in the family and the mother has primary residence.&nbsp;&nbsp;My grandson has now been living with his father in another town in BC that the mother does not live in with the mother's verbal permission.&nbsp; For school purposes she issued a letter to the school but she used the word "temporarily living with his father" and will not change the court papers.&nbsp; My grandson is always telling me that he&nbsp;is afraid that his mother is going to order him back home to her house and he does not want to move back to her and his brother who is 12.&nbsp; <p>My question is - If the mother orders my grandson back home, is my grandson entitled to a free&nbsp;lawyer to represent him and get the primary residence changed between his mother and his father.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

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Terrance E. Hudson

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No your grandson is not entitled to a free lawyer, but at age 12 he had a say as to where he wanted to live; at age 14 the Court is going to seriously listen to him. 
The father needs to file an application to chance / cancel an order and proceed to vary the order.  He does not need the mother's consent. Forms are available online at
At age 14 the mother cannot force the child to return to her home.  

Posted over 8 years ago

Terrance E. Hudson Barrister & Solicitor

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