Can i sue equifax canada and the cibc (bank)

<span class="font_geo">I wonder if I can sue Equifax Canada and CIBC? In 2007 my CIBC student loans were paid in full. The amount of the loan was paid by OPD over a period of 4 - 5 years. Now, according to the information that I have, after 3 years Equifax must purge this information from my credit file. Today, I noticed my credit report is showing a report by CIBC that I had a bad debt collection item. This entry in my file was reported by CIBC to Equifax in March 2011. It is 4 years since this debt was paid in full to CIBC. I wonder if I have any grounds to sue both CIBC and Equifax as it appears to me that this false report by CIBC is impacting my credit rating. Also, I wonder if both are not breaking the law as it appears what CIBC is reporting and what Equifax is allowing to show in the credit file is in violation of<br />`Voluntary Deposit - Orderly Payment Of Debts, Credit Counseling <br />When voluntary deposit &ndash; OPD &ndash; credit counseling is paid, it will automatically purge from the system three (3) years from the date paid.`<br /></span>

Asked over 6 years ago in Alberta
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