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i have a 2 year old whos father does see her but not alot he will see her one weekend then for the next month not bother seeing her. he doesn't call or ask about her. should i stop the visits or let them continue the way they are

Asked over 8 years ago in New Brunswick
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<br />Go see a social worker and talk it over with them. <br />You have to weigh the benefits vs. the negatives.&nbsp; For example, does this guy work, how old is he, does he really enjoy his visits, or does he act as though he is doing you a favor by honoring you with his presence, and so on.&nbsp; Sometimes no father is better than one who is a destructive selfish one. <br />Make a list - the good ualities on one side of the page, the bad on the other, And be honest with yourself for the sake of the child, She didn't ask to be born into a dsyfunctional family.&nbsp; She is the future, treat her with the love and respect she deserves. <br />Sounds like this guy is a selfish jerk.&nbsp; Sue him for child support, and figure out a way to keep your daughter's life enriched without him.&nbsp; And stay away from other jerks who will see you as an easy "single mother" pushover.&nbsp; There are good men out there who are okay as dads for other men's children, but they are few and far between.&nbsp; You can probably make a better life for yourself and your child on your own.&nbsp; Go back to school, study hard, and make a success out of your life.&nbsp; You can do that just as easily as wasting time, energy and money on the hunt for a new man.&nbsp; It's never too late to go back to school and get yourself a decent career, rather than waiting around for prince moneybags to come along.&nbsp; The sort of man you will probably attract now will probably be looking for an easy mark.&nbsp; Don't let anyone make a foo of you. <br />Been there done leaves you an empty shell, down the road.&nbsp; Your daughter will only be a child for a small part of your life. You will still be young enough after she finishes school and university to have a life. Look at the older women on TV.&nbsp; Forty is yesterday's 25. <br />Good luck.

Posted over 8 years ago

Daniel R Jardine

Answer by Daniel R Jardine

VerifiedNew Brunswick lawyer

This isn't a matter to concern social workers with.  If you wish to terminate all access your former husband has with your daughter, then I would recommend that you either retain the services of a lawyer to have this matter dealt with in court, or attend the court yourself to obtain the packages for self-represented parties in these matters.  Unilaterally terminating access can have serious consequences for you down the road.

Posted over 8 years ago

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