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I have a son and me and my ex-husband divorced.I am here in Ontario and he is somewhere in Saskatchewan. I did not have an address of him and also I do not know may be he cam back in Ontario. I want to file case for my son child support. Where should I have to file case , is it be in Ontario or should I need to go to Saskatchewan. and also how do I find him to serve documents for child support case when I do not know his address.

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You must file in the county in Ontario where your son resides with you. If you left recently it should not matter if your husband knew & agreed. If he goes along with the move that should settle re court location. See a lawyer as these cases involve special rules. Much will depend on your son's age, any support or separation agreements, employment & income of each of you, and your son if any. Also if either has wealth that is a consideration, plus if you need spousal support the court should consider both support issues at the same time. You can ask for insurance and support be paid if he passes away, be paid by his estate. Cost of arranging visits could be a factor for each of you as well as your reason for relocating. Contact us as services are available virtually and we can provide limited retainers, full retainers and alternate financing payment plans. Some conditions apply. Hamoody Hassan, BA LLB, LSO 1979, Senior Counsel, Toll free call to London Intake is 1-877-231-6421

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