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hi my name is Michael I wanted to ask a question I did not respond to a small claim I own 11000 In a past I had a car and I didn't have money to pay so car was repossessed I got letter few days ago and it's says it's small claim court but I didn't respond

Asked 5 months ago in Mississauga, Ontario
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Hamoody Hassan

Answer by Hamoody Hassan

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Hi Michael, I am sure it is not easy to figure things out, but it is better to go to court and check what has happened as probably there is a judgment against you and it may not be for the correct amount. Also if you cannot afford to pay it you can seek relief under the Creditor's relief Act or work out a payment plan with the creditor. If you are unsure paralegals or a lawyer can help you. Contact us at Hamoody Hassan, BA LLB, LSO 1979, Senior Counsel, toll free at 1-877-231-6421 or Email for a consultation. Some fees may apply.

Posted 5 months ago

This is general advice, not based upon any particular case, fact or law: seek individual legal advice. I can only answer generally and cannot offer an opinion about your case. If you want an objective opinion or to interview with a lawyer, check out many lawyers on the internet like our firm who offer free consultations on contingency files. You can also phone the Law Society Lawyer Referral Service directly at 1-855-947-5255 or 416-947-5255 (within the GTA), Monday - Friday, between 9 am - 5 pm. They will provide 3 names of lawyers who handle cases like yours. Good Luck! Hamoody Hassan, Senior Counsel,

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