Unplanned pregnancy and adoption

Hello, Brief background. I had a one night stand with a girl from a nightclub. The condom broke and she took an emergency contraceptive "Plan B". A few weeks later she said she got pregnant from me and she is going to do an abortion. We never talked after that. Very recently, I got a message from her that she kept the baby but she has no money to raise him and she gave up the baby for adoption. My questions are: 1) How can I find the baby? 2) Am I allowed to request a DNA test to make sure this is my son? 3) As a biological father, but being a student (no stable job yet) can I adopt my own child? 4) If a biological mother refused from her baby, does she have or will she have all the legal rights to her child? Thank you.

Asked 14 days ago in Ontario
Categories: Family Law

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