False police report of threat to break window against me, police file now closed

Hi there, on April 28th I was delivering food to a townhouse complex and there were 4 individuals on the pathway on the pathway to the door I had to deliver food to looking at me in an aggressive way. I delivered the food and as I came back to my car they continued to make me feel uncomfortable so I said “What are you looking at me for in that way? And proceeded to go to my car. As I was going to my car the 4 guys chased me to my car and exploded yelling at me saying to “Get the f*ck off the property.” I said I have a valid reason to be here doing uber eats delivery and the only reason I asked you guys what are you looking at me in that way for is because you guys made me feel uncomfortable. They said this is a $20 million site, what the F*ck are you? A $5 delivery driver? Get the f*ck out of here or we will beat the Sh*t out of you”. He continued to say “ what are you gonna do? And I responded “nothing Im going to leave when you stop harassing me and stop yelling at me”. I started recording with my cell phone and they quickly stopped the harassing and a resident of a townhouse came out on his balcony to see what the commotion was about. I continued to record as they walked away and I left the seen not thinking much of it. After sometime that day I got a call from a police officer asking me what had happened and I explained the situation. He told me of their false police report saying they had gotten a threat of breaking their window from me “which was completely false”. The officer said I don’t seem like a person who would do that and recognized my clean record. He said this won’t go on my criminal record “ as it shouldn’t as I didn’t make any threats or do anything, I was simply doing my job.” He said he will close the police report file and it will be recorded on my police record but no where else. Is there any implications of this false police report? Should I be taking any additional steps to protect myself? Should I be worried? Thank you

Asked 2 months ago in Surrey, British Columbia
Categories: Criminal Law

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