Unlawful mandatory covid19 testing and vaccination

Taking Rule 92 of the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Rule, and Section 2 (d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms into consideration... does the Federal and Provincial governments of Canada have the legal right to force 38 million Canadians to submit themselves to be tested for Covid19, vaccinated for Covid19 and possibly tattooed (with Bill Gates' "Quantum Dot" vaccination record tattoo) without/against individual consent? Do all 38 million Canadians have a right to with-hold consent and legally opt out regardless of their reasons if they so choose? Could there be legal grounds for a class-action against Federal and Provincial governments for their forcably testing and/or vaccinating Canadians against their will? Precisely who possesses absolute and exclusive ownership rights over the human body - the state or the individual? (For the record, I do not consent and I would like to see a pre-emptive court challenge to block this planned violation of our bodies.)

Asked 2 months ago in -, Ontario
Categories: Civil Litigation  Class Actions  Human Rights  Constitutional Law  Privacy Law  Health

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