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My boyfriend and I were in an argument, two days ago. It got very intense, there was no physical altercations. At the beginning of the argument he was on his game headset with his best friend (who hates me) on the other end. His best friend told police he heard me throw a cup of coffee in his direction. My boyfriend left after the argument, I phoned my friend when I began to have a panic attack and was scared. She got scared and phoned the police. They arrived and I was clearly shaken up and distraught..they proceeded to take my statement and found him and his, including a statement from his friend. Due to coffee droplets being still on our wall, I was charged and a no contact order was in place. We both did not want this at all and this has out me homeless during covid. I am sleeping on friends couches and already from anxiety and depression. This has completely distroyed our lives and we want it removed immediately. This happened in London Ontario. How can we as quickly as possible get these removed so I may come home and we can be there for each other and together again. With covid going on how is this ever going to be resolved? My court date isn't even until july...tyis is simply not acceptable.This has not happened before and there was no drugs or alcohol involved.

Asked 9 months ago in London, Ontario
Categories: Criminal Law

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Angelina Shuster

Answer by Angelina Shuster

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There is only one way to resolve your problem and it is by hiring a lawyer. You can call my office at 416-835-6989. You have to understand that there is no guarantee for any sort of a "quick solution" because, from my understanding, the charges have been laid and the matter now is preparing to be transferred to the prosecution office.

Posted 9 months ago

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