Issue with the employer regarding the work experience in canada for pr

My employer(partner) is threatening me that he will respond in a negative way when cic emails him in regards of my work experience in canada for my permanent residence file in canada. What can I do now? I have a restaurant in Windsor with a share of 25% and my husband has 25% share and 50% with other person A who has PR. Now as I and my husband are on post graduation work permit and dependent work permit, so we filed our permanent residence with my experience of working in our restaurant as manager. We got ITA and we also submitted all our documents for PR. In the documents submitted, I also submitted an experience letter from A. So he is threatening me now that he will respond in a negative way as he is going to get email from cic. If not he is asking to give our share to him. One more thing is when me Nd my husband went for vacation we gave him some blank cheque’s to pay the bills required for restaurant. But he misused those cheque’s and withdrew 30,000CAD from our business account. Can I do anything in this regards.

Asked 3 months ago in Windsor, Ontario
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Angelina Shuster

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With your first question, the employer threat, you have to report him to Service Canada and use other evidence to prove your work, like testimonies of your clients, photographs of your work and any other circumstantial evidence. I suggest you to consult me in private for details. With your second questions about fraud with cheque, I am afraid you cannot do anything because it was a voluntary action giving them blank cheques therefore inviting them to do anything they felt appropriate.  You may contact me at 

Posted 3 months ago

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