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My husband and I both have anxiety and have a prescription for Marijuana as well as other medications we are prescribed Just incase it matters. so this summer my husband and I were at the park. we would sit there most nights playing pokemon. A white car slammed on it breaks when a woman gets out and starts yelling at us asking if we were smoking weed at the park. We responded no and explained we were playing pokemon. She yelled at us and said she didnt believe us and jestered towards her daughter saying her daughter said we were and her Daughter didnt lie. She said she doesn't "smoke marijuana" so her daughter knows what it is and that she was my youngest daughter's bus driver and that my daughter was flashing the boys on the bus and showing her ass off on the bus. I then asked why I was never informed this was happening and told her to leave us alone. she left and drove around the park several times. in october she came into Walmart and I greeted her and her husband and she called me an asshole at work. Pauline overheard it and listened to her talk about me and hubby to her friend. Pauline told me she could be banned if she did it again. I warned her with the security guard present that she would be issued a no trespass if she spoke to me again like that. in november my daughter was talking to her friend on the bus and told them about an unsuccessful hunting trip for rabbits. The daughter if this woman then told the school that my daughter was talking about an unsuccessful hunting trip to kill her parents and my daughter got suspended until they could find out the truth.jan 2nd my youngest daughter went to the park with her friend and came running home a minute later to tell us about the daughter and her 2 friends who were threatening them with sticks and rocks to leave the park. We went to the park and told them to leave our kids alone or we would call the police. January 3rd The woman approached my husband in he no frills parking lot and yelled at him for telling her kids to leave the park. we called the police.since then the police have been at my door everyday with a new issue against my husband, the most recent the police got a warrant for his arrest even though we have video proof he is innocent. Today when leaving for work Childrens Aid called and said they recieved a complaint and need to see us.. I cant take much more of this. I have to go to the police station tomorrow and talk to the police officer as well as let them arrest my husband when he has done nothing wrong, and yet they haven't charged her or her daughter because when we called the police the 1st time they said we didnt have enough proof to charge them yet there is no proof and my husband is being charged. When my husband is arrested his name will go in the police blotters and We run an accounting business. This also can affect my clientele. I dont know what to do or how to make it stop.

Asked 5 months ago in Cornwall, Ontario
Categories: Municipal Law  Human Rights  Criminal Law  Small Claims  Legal Aid

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