A person didnt ask about insurance information, and few days later is trying to get it

Hi, I have a question. I few days ago slipped on the ice and rear ended a car. It was a really slow speed, so I basically just lightly tapped the rear bumper of the car in front. We walked out, checked the cars, there was no damage, no one got hurt, I've never been in a car accident so I didnt know what to do, the other person just asked about my phone number, so I gave it to her, and we went our ways, all good, case closed. Next day I get a call from her, and she asks that she needs my personal information like name and driver's licence number, I gave it to her. Haven't answered her phone calls since, cuz my friend advised me not to. Today, I got a call from her insurance company, asking about my insurance information, cuz the driver didnt get it. Should I be sharing this confidential information with her insurance company over the phone? I mean now I know, she should've gotten it during the accident, but we didn't cuz there was no damage. I live in alberta, and the law is that if damage didnt exceed $2,000, you are not required to report it. Am I required to give them this information now, few days after the accident, and over the phone?

Asked 6 months ago in Edmonton, Alberta
Categories: Insurance

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