Missed date for fingerprints and photographs

failure to appear for identification

Asked about 1 month ago in Ontario
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Angelina Shuster

Answer by Angelina Shuster

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You could be arrested for that.

Posted about 1 month ago

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Edward Prutschi

Answer by Edward Prutschi

VerifiedOntario lawyer

Missing a fingerprint / photograph date carries a NEW criminal charge of "failing to appear" that can seriously complicate your case.

You should be speaking to your lawyer immediately and reaching out to the officer in charge of the case to correct that oversight ASAP. If you're quick, and very fortunate, they might let you go now and correct that oversight but otherwise you'll now need to deal with this new charge and also address any possibly bail issues that it raises.

If you don't yet have a lawyer and want to speak with one of our experienced professionals, please reach out to me to arrange an Initial Client Consultation.

Posted about 1 month ago

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