I just really need help, i’m very upset and been wrongful convicted.

Today I had to resign from the beer store as I have been alleged accused of stealing by the loss/prevention district of the beer store. I have not stolen the money and there is no video proof of me taking the money out of the tills as I’m on camera 24/7. Just that my till is missing 500 dollars and they don’t know where it has went. They told me if I resigned and paid the 500 dollars today that it would be as this never happened so I did because I’m only 20 years old trying to become a police officer. They told me that if the investigation was to continue that I would be criminally prosecuted for ether fraud/theft under 500. I don’t know if I made the right decision as now I’m out of a job but I was also afraid that if I was to lose the case I would never become a police officer because I have a criminal record. This is a first time offence for me as I never been charged for anything.

Asked 3 months ago in Ontario
Categories: Human Rights  Criminal Law

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Ayesha Naaz

Answer by Ayesha Naaz

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Hi, that is the problem when you make compromises like that. You have to evaluate your pros and cons before accepting blame for something which you haven't done. That is what s.606(1) is for in the Criminal Code i.e. you should never have to enter a guilty plea if you are not guilty. You also have the safeguard and protection of Charter rights.

Posted 3 months ago

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