Kingdergarden bullying

My 4 yr old son in kindrrgarden is being bullied by another student(my son isnt the only one the studenr targets) I have spoken to the principle about ths situation and was told that they are aware of what is going on and they are waiting on getting help for the other student. In the mean time the student is still hitting my son and the other day the stepped on his head. My son has a mild form of Hydrocephalus and is of no conern right now thank God but getting hit in the head is very concerning and I dont want something to happen to my son because they wont deal with a difficult student. I have requested a meeting with the teacher and again with the principle to dicuss my concerns and want to know what my next step is if nothing is done.

Asked 8 months ago in Brampton, Ontario
Categories: Human Rights  General Legal Questions

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