Confidentiality breach - first responders

a week ago my husband suffered an overdose. I live in a very small rural community. Yesterday an acquaintance approached me saying they were talking to my landlord who heard about the incident, particularly the fact that drugs were involved. The land lord would now like to move forward with evicting us because he does not like the idea of drugs in his home ( Our rent is always paid on time and the home is in good repair). My husband had been sober for a long time prior to this happening. I am a nurse, we have a year old daughter. upon hearing this I knew that we had been very tight lipped about what happened. I believe the first responders and volunteer fire fighters who were dispatched to my house, and who live in the area, breached confidentiality and told my LL about the incident and specifics of the incident. Now that they have breached confidentiality I am going to lose my home. Surely if it was a medical emergency like someone cut themselves they wouldn't evict. As a nurse I am well aware of the strict rules regarding confidential information. I'm unsure how I move forward with proving the first responder's leaked this information and to save myself from eviction because technically I don't believe my LL would have a leg to stand on if his reasons for eviction come from a breach like that.

Asked 8 months ago in Florence, Ontario
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