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received a registered mail from my insurance company requesting receipts for claims that I submit electronically. I and if I cannot provide the receipts I haveto pay them back.I did write a cheque to them for the amounts. I would like to find out what to do next I have paid back the amount they are requesting The letter also stated that me paying back the amounts does not prevent them from taking further action

Asked 7 months ago in Toronto, Ontario
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Making repayment does not prevent your insurance company from continuing its investigation and referring the matter to police if they believe a fraud was committed. However, in many cases, particularly where the dollar amounts are relatively low and the full value repaid, the insurance company will leave it at that and you will hear nothing further.

If you DO receive a call from police asking questions, take down the name, badge number, and telephone number of the officer and then tell them you will call them back AFTER having consulted with an experienced criminal defence lawyer. You are under NO obligation to make a statement and in the vast majority of cases, exercising your right to silence is the best option.

Posted 7 months ago

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