Is the conversation considered private? if he insults her in a private message can she publicly share it?

After someone wrote a hateful and bad review about a singer online in Facebook , the singer decided to reach out to them through Facebook messenger and ask if they would expand on how they could sing better in the future as to not have ‘ other people’s’ ears from bleeding’., as the reviewer had stated in his opinion . He answered the singer in a nasty manner and told her to f... off and that she was annoying etc... and much more. The singer was taken aback and that such people existed . She decided to share it on her Facebook wall and get other people’s opinions on this. The next day he told her to take it down or he would sue her and that he was protected by the CanadianCharter of rights and freedoms. Who is right and what is legal?

Asked 8 months ago in Montreal, Quebec
Categories: Internet  Civil Litigation  Human Rights  Privacy Law  General Legal Questions

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