A landlords family member threatened, bullied, and inconvenienced me

Last year I was renting in a family owned home, with the landlord and her sons living in the building. There was another individual outside of the family renting there as well. We paid in cash. The landlords son was making me uncomfortable so I began searching for a new place. In the middle of one of the months the landlords son became hostile because I voiced concerns to his mother that he had found someone else to take my room, and they were to arrive before I had even found a place and was ready to move out. Being that I was not paying rent to him, and she was the house owner, she told me not to worry because essentially he had no power. This frustrated him and he became hostile. Throughout the course of that day he texted me continuously without response atleast 40 times back to back, hurling insults and calling names, along with other irrelevant details such as his own personal family problems. He had also called me several times, and left a voice mail. He also emailed me several times. I was in the house when he began texting and messaging, he was also in the house, and these messages lasted several hours throughout the day until I picked the phone up finally about 5 hours later when I went to study at school. He then made threats over the phone that there would be problems if I returned to the house, and that I would get no rest if I returned to the house. Being a student this was very stressful. I came home anyways and felt uneasy because he would not approach me when he heard me in the house, but he would keep texting me. This lead me to believe he would attack me at night while I slept, since he wouldn’t approach me awake and my doors had no locks.I ended up having to leave the house very suddenly before I was ready. This effected me financially, emotionally, and academically since it had occurred on the week of multiple assignments/tests. I had to reschedule if I recall correctly all 3 examinations/assignments I had that week. I was wondering if after A year of not reporting it, if there was still anything that can be done.

Asked 4 months ago in Ottawa, Ontario
Categories: Human Rights  Criminal Law  Small Claims  Landlord-Tenant

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Ayesha Naaz

Answer by Ayesha Naaz

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Hi there, There's no limitation period in Canada for reporting incidents to the police so you can report harassment, uttering threats, stalking or attempts to such at any time to the police. There is, however, a deadline to initiate a civil action for damages. I can advise further at my email address of ayesha.naaz@yahoo.com. Hope that answers your query. Thanks

Posted 4 months ago

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