Door to door sales contract victim

Actually I have been victim of door to door sales from a company called skymark or Ecosmart. They sell thermostat and also nest cameras. Basically when they initally came they asked for homeowner and asked to see enbridge bill. They said we are eligible fron Government program to get nest product installed. They never said about any contract but asked to say yes yes over the phone which later they said was phone contract for 10years. At home I signed one paper which didn't have any amount written on it. We finally saw charges in our enbridge bill and called them but they wouldn't pick up the phone. So we diaputed with enbridge as a result Enbridge said they will not bill usinstead Echosmart will bill us directly. Only then we were able to reach them. After several days of calling I finally spoke with manager they he sounded like fraud and was trying to overwhelm me I said I dont agree with him and do what he could. letter that I received day before yesterday which says he is giving us 10days to respond but the letter is dated Sep 13th. Please look into this we want to get rid of him we want to return the product. They have many bad reviews of similar cases online I have researched about them now.

Asked 9 months ago in Mississauga, Ontario
Categories: Contracts

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