Mother needs answers and don't know where else to go no one wants to help.

I had cps come and take my eldest child from my home told me they would be bringing her back to me after that had talked to her and instead they dropped her off at the home of the person who filed the complaint with out telling me or giving me a choice this particular home she was dropped off at is not a family members house and it's not a group home foster home or government approved home can they do that? They also have stripped me of all my rights as a mother even though I'm not the one who the complaint is for (it's against my husband who is also been taken from the home and not aloud back until after court and if he's aloud back ) but my child is still not aloud back into my care how is this possible ? I have not gotten any paper work or anything should I not have this ? And right from the start I pretty much had no say on what went on it was all cps and the person who filed the complete calling all the shots on what was happening with my child as a parent where are my rights on this ?

Asked 10 months ago in Alberta
Categories: Malpractice  Human Rights  Constitutional Law  Defamation, Libel, Slander  Family Law  Legal Aid

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