Is he allowed to enter my side of the house anytime he wants to complain and frighten me?

My basement neighbor keeps entering my part of the house to complain every time I try to have a good time with my friends on the phone, he doesn't complain respectfully he calls me an asshole and says shut the f*** up. At this point, I cannot even enjoy a day off without him complaining. I just want to ask if he is allowed to even enter my side of the house without my permission. Also, I am 16 I live with my mom; she would yell at him, but that doesn't take away my fear of him complaining and yelling at me, sometimes I am even scared to walk at night. He has the right to complain, but can't I just enjoy the simple things in my own house?

Asked 9 months ago in Toronto, Ontario
Categories: Human Rights  Landlord-Tenant

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