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Hello,Three months ago, an optometrist made a pair of prescription glasses for me. When I came to pick them up, the glasses were absolutely no good (blurred, double vision). They did the eye check and measurement again, and couldn't find anything wrong. My guess is that the lab which made the glasses did a poor job. I lost my confidence in them and decided not to take the glasses and go someplace else. I was told that they will return the lenses to the originating lab, but they still wanted to charge me for the frames, because they claimed they "had to order them someplace else". I never took the glasses and never paid for them, and that was the end of it...or so I thought.Now, 3 months later, they left me a voice mail on the phone, saying that I have "an outstanding payment", and they want me to call back and discuss how I'm going to pay. The dollar amount was never mentioned, other than when I first went to see them, 3 months ago. I was then told that the total cost would be “around” $500, with no price break (frames lenses other options), and no written quote whatsoever.Since I never picked up the glasses, because I wasn't satisfied with them, obviously 3 months later, I don't want to pay for the service that was never delivered.Please advise what to do. Do I just ignore them or call them back and go into an argument with them?Thank you!

Asked 9 months ago in Ontario
Categories: General Legal Questions

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