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Hi, Today we went for a house visit as we found the sale stand at the front of the house, the owners were in, and despite the fact that they couldn't speak English we point out that we want to visit and they by the body language show us that come in, and they even show us the house by walking in front of us. when we were leaving the house they called their agent, apparently, he can speak English to help us and give us the information over the phone about the house. However, instead of giving us the information he starts yelling at us that why you got in the house and my clients can not speak english you have to leave the house or I will call 911! His behavior really scared us and my 72 years old father is still in shocking. So,We returned the House information broucher to the owner and left the house immediately however the owners tried to returned the information brochure to us again but we didn't accept and left the house because the man (agent) scared and threatened us over the phone.

Asked 9 months ago in Ontario
Categories: Real Estate

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Was his behavior illegal?

Posted 9 months ago

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