Is there a statue of limitation with false affidavits statement if a death also is involved

f for example a lawsuit [2012]against a house owner landlord that a tenant being trapped inside of the house died of a fire [2011] and due to unsafe changes made by the owner/landlord. During the examination of discovery [the whole case brought against the owner rested on the fact that he owned the house] and with the sworn signed affidavit the owner denies ownership of the house during the tenants rental period and now there is building evidence that the owner lied giving false statement about the ownership of the house and that he did own the house and made the structural changes without any permit to do so. In trying to bring to justice to the original case and the owner giving false sworn affidavit statements. Being that there is a death involved is there a statute of limitations that things cannot proceed against the owner? any info as to this would be very greatly appreciated

Asked 28 days ago in Thessalon, Ontario
Categories: Civil Litigation  Criminal Law  Personal Injury

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