Changing company name - do you have to change assets prior to selling?

I have recently changed the name of my corporation (required by the College of Physicians as the other owner retired). I have 3 properties that have the former name on the ownership papers. Do I have to apply for a name change on them prior to selling or can I just prove that the name is changed with the new documentation? Thanks!

Asked 6 months ago in British Columbia
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It is not necessary nor are you required to change title ownership to reflect the new name of the corporation. When changing a corporate name by filing Articles of Amendment, all other corporate matters remain the same and so this does not impact your title ownership. Your Minute Book should have a real property registry listing the real property registered to its title (as required since 2017); this is sufficient to indicate ownership together with the Parcel Register. However, if you wish, you may choose to have a real estate lawyer file a notation on the Parcel Register indicating the new name of the corporation. This is suggested but is not required. 

Posted 6 months ago

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