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hi, i would appreciate and answer to this question before i start this potential sideline business... i am scared and don't want any legal issues im 63 years old and don't know if i should embark on this type of business.... even though i need the money... here we go.... i own a private driver service where i charge a price per km to drive anyone or anything from point a to point b... this is a legal business... now the tricky part... a business owner from mississauga ontario found my ad online and wants to hire my service for the following tasks... i pickup at a designated place a set of 4 enveloppes containing each a cheque , a transit number, a bank account number and this business cheque is made out to the payee and account owner thus this is a third party deposit into the payees own bank account. All cheques are under 800 cdn and properly addressed with account owners name and home address.. Business owner pays me my milleage or what is about $25 per deposit in cash.... so 4 deposits maybe 2hrs of driving and $100 in cash... business owner tells me he has 7 drivers working for him from niagara falls to quebec city and has been doing this for 8yrs... i don't know who this business owner is, no name other then the business name on the cheques and his signature... i refuse to do anything illegal so im asking you what are my legal issues here in depositing these third party cheques into the payees accounts... The fishy part is the cash and pickup of enveloppes are kind of cloak and dagger stuff that makes me nervous, is this illegal as i am 2 years from retirement and i dont want problems... please guide me in making the right choice.. thank you and god bless

Asked 6 months ago in Ontario
Categories: Criminal Law

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