Car sale with verbal / email agreement. is it binding. no transfer of ownership.

I agreed to purchase an estate vehicle VERBALLY during a family conference for $20k since my brother told me it was a great deal! He has his daughter drive it to my place last day of sticker. Didn’t realize it needed a safety. Bill was $440. Asked estate to pay. My brother , the executor declined. I fought with him via email. Went to dealerships. Discovered car was over market value. Decided not to buy it after all. Did not transfer ownership or Insure car in my name. He had our family lawyer send me an email stating I had 2 weeks to transfer to my name. It is legally binding the email agreement or my brother would take the car and charge me any losses in price difference if sold privately for less than we agreed upon. Service Ontario told me that the estate owned the car. We never signed any agreements. He did give me the ownership and I did say I’d buy it until later when I found out it wasn’t a deal and he wouldn’t pay the safety. Do I own this vehicle?

Asked 6 months ago in London, Newfoundland and Labrador
Categories: Contracts  Wills, Estates, Trusts

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