BM was allowed to move with daughter to another province. After two years they are back. She neglected to inform BD(my SO) even though agreement states he is to be informed before tickets are purchased. Found out when he was talking to his daughter that she has been here for a week and going to school here. Apparently BM's father is ill. ( I'm suspicious because we were told he can't dress himself but yet he still drives her to pick up/drop off location. We are assuming her relationship ended). They have now been here a year. We are in limbo. She won't say anything about staying here permanently or going back to other province. Her lawyer sent email stating he would get daughter every other weekend. She does not follow this. Changes schedule whenever it suits her. We want to go to court for more time but there is no point if they leave. Anytime he asks or any family member asks for more time she denies the request. BM has narcissistic personality disorder which causes a lot of stress and many difficulties. She is unable to compromise and shows no empathy.

Asked 7 months ago in Oshawa, Ontario
Categories: Family Law

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