Inaccurate pre-purchase vehicle inspection led to me buying a vehicle that has major mechanical issues.

I found what appeared to be a good deal on a used vehicle being sold by a private seller, advertised as not having any problems and running "great". Wanting to make absolutely certain I wasn't buying a problem vehicle, I paid for a carfax report which came back clean, checked CPIC which came back clean, and then had the seller of the vehicle meet me at a licensed mechanic shop for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure it didn't have any major mechanical defects. The mechanic's report indicated a number of minor issues, the biggest being a noisy wheel bearing. I considered this a minor, not overly costly repair so went ahead with the purchase. On the purchase date I had a separate mechanic shop replace the wheel bearing (the original shop was unavailable on the date I went to pick up the truck), but the noise was still there. It turns out it's a much bigger mechanical problem than simply a wheel bearing - likely a transmission - which would cost upwards of $5000 or more to fix. And the more I drive the vehicle, the more problems I find. And they aren't small. As of writing I have owned the vehicle for 4 days. I have since parked it and returned to driving my original vehicle while I try to figure out how to proceed. I don't know what to do. The original owner had to have been aware the vehicle had mechanical problems (the noise alone should have given it away), yet it was advertised as "no problems and runs great". A competent mechanic should have detected a major mechanical defect - especially considering that's the whole purpose of getting the inspection in the first place. So in spite of taking all precautions I could think of, i'm now the owner of a problem vehicle that requires a ton of repairs. Do I have any recourse at all?

Asked 7 months ago in Edmonton, Alberta
Categories: Contracts  Civil Litigation  Small Claims  Business Law  General Legal Questions

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