Can all these x_bank actions be count as crime?

Hello!My question is:At the beginning of 2016, I became a victim of fraud, more specifically of fraudulent application (Master Card was issued to my name at X_bank). Then I called X_bank and explained that I didn’t order said credit card, that I was not and have never been a client of X_bank, I have never even received the card and I didn’t know the people who could commit this fraud. In response, X_bank: • Violated my fundamental rights as a citizen – X_bank began to demand my private information. • Violated the Private Information Protection Act - the X_bank gave my private information (from the fraudulent application) to a third party. • Committed open extortion for three years - through a third party, X_bank called me on the phone daily and demanded money or my private information • Hid the crime committed - the X_bank demanded my private information from me instead of conducting an investigation into the fraudulent application, while also pushing me to sign a non-disclosure agreement. • Willingly were open to commit fraud - X_bank repeatedly tried to get me to sign documents developed for bank customers, trying to equate me to a bank customer, whereas I never was and signing any such document would be fraudulent I repeat: I am not an X_bank client, I have never been a client, and I did not express a desire to be a client of the X_bank. My questions are: •Can all these X_bank actions be count as crime? •Does the bank have a, or any jurisdiction, over someone who is not and never was a client? Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge or point of view.

Asked 7 months ago in Quebec
Categories: Criminal Law

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