Get my rights back as a parent to my child whose grandmother is guardian

2 years ago my mom served me with application of guardianship for my daughter , we say down and wrote out conditions that I would have to do in order for me to get my daughter back I was in addition and wasn't suitable to care for her, but she never ended up putting in the conditons we made together when she filed the application , I also didn't attend the court date because she told me I didn't have to because I wasn't fighting it....... all the court saw was that I signed everything away to mom for guardianship of my daughter. my child's father went to court , and now the court made a order that my mom have day to day care and decision making. and the father have reasonable and generous access ...... I am not included in the consent parenting order .... I want to go to court to get rights of knowledge and some decision making of my child .. how and what forms would I file to make this hapoen!

Asked 7 months ago in Edmonton, Alberta
Categories: Family Law

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