Help, has been bothering me for years!

Ok so in short, when I was 12 my brother was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Since was old enough to have questions about it I have always questioned the outcome of what happened with the insurance and compensation of the accident.  I often wondered why me and my other brothers were never involved in any kind of discussion with the insurance results. My brother was hit and killed by a drunk driver while walking down a road. At the time, he was living with a foster family and was in their care. He was not adopted by them but had lived with them for approximately 1 year. Since the accident, neither me or my brothers have heard from the family, police or investigators. Not even the insurance company of the driver of the vehicle.  He was convicted of criminal negligence and was sentenced. As his brother's,  I would think we would be contacted by someone from the above mentioned. I need to know if we were entitled to closure or compensation for our loss. What is the best way to get answers to this, if compensation was made, first how do I find out and second,  why weren't we involved. Please tell me you're opinions on this.  My email is,  phone number is 902 430 4328. I look forward to hearing from you.

Asked 10 months ago in Lower sackville, Nova Scotia
Categories: Insurance  Family Law

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