No hope left, don't know what to do next.

Hi, I'm not sure where to turn for this but I really need help to be pointed in the right direction here. I'm looking for help regarding a legal case which has cause great distress various parties lives, careers and public reputation. To me it seems that the case is surrounded with corruption, poor judgement, a complete lack of discretion and disregard for both local and international laws by local law enforcement. I have supporting evidence of this. I also have supporting evidence that local law enforcement has shared private information with civilians who in turn made the information public. As well as reckless endangerment local law enforcement also committed public perjury. I also believe one law enforcement official may have been asked to resign as he went on "early retirement" following these events. I believe that an unqualified judge made poor calls early on in this case, which ultimately lead to the current situation. I have lost all hope as I feel as though there is no accountability with in the system. Currently all legal advice received from all parties have been a waste of time and money as all hired lawyers seemed to approach this from a conventional path. However I do not believe this to be the right path as it seems that this case is surrounded by some greater agenda, corruption and an abuse of power. The whole case was built on a very shaky, and in my opinion, an illegal foundation and if the foundation can be knocked out the whole case will implode. I believe that human rights have been violated against several parties, not just the defendant. I have personally kept quiet due to threats and bullying from local law enforcement. I'm hoping to achieve the following goals: 1.) Get the defendant to be acquitted of all charges. 2.) Start a law suit against the Canadian Government and/or local law enforcement for loss of income, damages due to defamation of character and reckless endangerment.

Asked 7 months ago in British Columbia
Categories: Human Rights  Criminal Law  Defamation, Libel, Slander  International  Privacy Law  Family Law

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