Unenforceable eviction

Entered into a verbal agreement to rent a room for a sum per month, Requested to be added to the lease, and was informed that I would be. Room mate collected a damage deposit from me, after they had already had the lease established for approximately two months. room mate has been hostile in communications with me approaching rents due dates every time so far. We entered an agreement to defer half payment of this month's rent until the 15th, I have been served an eviction notice I believe is unenforceable, Have been informed that I never was added to the lease, and have been given 24 hours to vacate, with proviso to reclaim my possessions that remain. I believe the damage deposit should be returned, and I believe the laws regarding collection and keeping of said deposit were not followed. Eviction notice states that non-vacating the premises will result in "the authorities" being called, counter to the letter of the law as I have come to understand it.

Asked 12 months ago in Edmonton, Alberta
Categories: General Legal Questions  Landlord-Tenant

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