My four month daughter

Rob and I had a verbal agreement with Mona (Melissa’s mother). Basically in the event of needing relief or support at home, we were to call her and she would come and either help or take Gabriella out for a while for us to get refocused and on the same page. We were under the same understanding with Ralph (Melissa father) and his wife Celina. Rob and Melissa had a really close relationship with Mona. Ralph had excluded Me from his life for 15 years and the announcement for Gabriella’s birth brought a lot of positive to our life. June 17th My sister called and was suppose to come and I was to help her with an exam review. At the time Rob and I were disagreeing on something and I thought I would call her back to reschedule since I was having a bad day. My father proceeded to call and ask if we wanted them to come and pick up Gabriella. During this phone call I was displaying my frustrations and Rob was in the background feeding Gabriella defending his beliefs. Our voice tones may have appears more abrupt than normal. Within seconds it was over and I continued by replying to my father that it was necessary to come and get her but if he wanted to that he was more than welcomed to. As they are leaving with Gabriella they inform me that they will drop her off in the early evening. The evening comes along and I call for Gabriella’s return and they refuse to bring her home. The next day comes along and they refuse to bring her home again. At this point they give me an ultimatum and say Gabriella is not going back there so it’s either you move here with the baby or stay home with rob no baby. In a panic and not thinking logically due to the events that transpired my instinct was baby first. This was the last thing I wanted to do was leave my family. Moving in with a family I don’t know 15 years later be in closed in a small bedroom with my daughter living with 4 other ppl . Gabriella and I have our home, our own space. We didn’t want to tear apart our family. Rob and I worked very hard to get to were we are today and love Gabriella and each other unconditionally. Our lives have never been better, happier and healthier. Anyone who knows us all say. This family brought the best out of each other and it shows without a doubt. In four days I packed Gabriella and myselfs belongings and our family had been ripped apart by a father I barely knew that was trying to buy me with money freedom no worries . This is by far absolutely not what I wanted and it showed and I cried and cried. Rob did not take this easy in a instant his family his life everything he worked so hard to achieve gone. July 2nd 2019 Gabriella and I meet with Rob and spend the day together and decide that this isn’t right and we need to bea a family and get us back home. I tell my mother that this is not an option and we are coming back home . She tells me she wants to spend time with Gabriella and Rob and I allowed it.When Mona calls to return Gabriella she refuses to bring her to me and drops her off at Ralph’s. At this point i do not return to my fathers as I don’t want to be there and that’s not our home. I call and they refuse to give us baby. Friday morning Rob and I unsure on how to proceed to get our daughter back home where she belongs with her mom and dad. We call the police. After explaining the situation he states that he was headed to for fathers because they aren’t allowed to just takes someone’s baby from them and ask for the return home of Gabriella . That didn’t not happened . When I spoke to the officer later on he stated he had not went to my fathers and was reported to neofacs instead and they were to go there and bring Gabriella back home. This did not happens. Instead neofacs and the police bombarded us with accusations and allegations that were deliberately made on us because we believe that Ralph and Celinas goal was to get Gabriella and I away from Rob. Keep in mind these are ppl that don’t know us. Rob and I have not had any law involvement nor any domestics of any kind and this goes back to as to before we found out we were having baby. How is it that this whole situation has turned around into an investigation on us. We were the ones reaching out for help to have our baby returned to us that was taking from us by people who had no right doing that in the first place. Secondly when we spoke to Constable Chilton of tps I made him aware that baby gabby was at this point kidnapped he agreed and was all good with bringing justice to the situation to find out if Ralph and Celina were within thier legal rights with our daughter...

Asked 8 months ago in Ontario
Categories: Defamation, Libel, Slander  Family Law  Legal Aid

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