Improper asbestos removal

I had a licensed plumber come into my home to replace a hot water pipe. The pipe had about 5 or 6 feet of wrapped asbestos.I asked him what he would recommend and he said cut the pipe and dispose of it. I said you could throw it out my basement window.The day he arrived he was prepping everything and while I was standing at the top of my stairs he took an exacto knife and split into the asbestos which released this cloud of white. I immediately closed my basement door in a shocked panic and asked him what he was doing and why. He unwrapped the asbestos from the water pipe threw it in a regular garbage bag brought it up through my home. He never cleaned up the dust he left after replacing the pipe told me to wait for the dust to settle then go downstairs with wet rags for me to clean it up. I have not gone into my basement in 3 days and contacted him yesterday to tell him this is wrong and he said back would you perhaps like to see me in court??? What should I do? This is in Ontario Canada

Asked 9 days ago in Kitchener, Ontario
Categories: Contracts  Health

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