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Refrigeration company has never sent invoice for service at our business on walk-in cooler around Sep/2016. The owner (my husband) of the company passed away Jan/2017 and business was closed. There wasn't any invoice sent from refrigeration company from Sep/2016 to Jan/2017 - 4 months. There still wasn't an invoice sent for the remaining year of 2017 - 11 months, and the entire year of 2018 - 12 months, and now 7 months into 2019. This is close to 3 years - no invoice. After this length of time there wasn't any knowledge of anything owing to this company. My husband's business hasn't been operational for 2-1/2 years. The refrigeration person contacted me the other day and told me that there will be monies owing to him as soon as he gets time to get the paperwork together, possibly Sept/2019. He doesn't know the amount and needs more time to go through his paperwork ! He is aware of my hubby passing away, but when I questioned him on his delay of invoicing and the business not existing any longer, he just claimed he isn't a good bookeeper. I told him that is delay is just ridiculous and should not be my problem. I asked him who is he going to invoice as there isn't a business any longer ? He told me he will just send invoice to me and I can deal with it ??????? He can basically claim as many hours as he would like as there isn't any record he sent to us- and could claim an incredible amount ?So, may I ask of you is there a statute of limitation in Alberta regarding a situation as this ? I would appreciate your reply - thank you.

Asked 11 days ago in Lac la biche, Alberta
Categories: Corporate/Commercial  Business Law

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