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Topic: Parent abuse Hello, I am an 18 year old working at Moncton NB. For the past decade I have been abused by my parents ; physically, verbally and mentally. The after effects still linger. 2 years ago I fought back and the neighbors called the cops on them. They were arrested and social services were involved. Problem is, their daughter (who supported their actions) coaxed me into letting the case free, and now they’re living life happily while I’m suffering just to survive. After graduating HS (last year) I “ran” to Moncton to start a new life, but I still want vengeance. Obviously I don’t live there anymore, but is there anyway I can sue/ get them a criminal record? The abuse took place in Calgary, AB, so all police files + Social Service info is located there. Should I ask NB police for advice, and are there any lawyer info that I can gain? I turn 18 in a week. I want vengeance, and if the justice system cannot help, I’ll deal my own justice. If there are extra questions you have for me, ask. I want to gain all the info I can to strike back for all the shit they caused me physically and mentally.

Asked about 1 year ago in Alberta
Categories: Human Rights  Criminal Law  Family Law

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