Dad passed, not enough money for mom, tried dva, got it mother is frugal and saved a lot as brother refused to help is he entitled to any of that money

My past friend, my Dad passed away 4 yrs ago He always asked if he was leaving Mom enough money. It wasn't so I decided to try DVA assistance. My brother refused to help. It was a lot of work to get it done A lot of money to do it and a very, very emotional job. But I got it for her. She is very frugal and has a fairly good amount of DVA MONEY saved. With my brother being of no help, I asked him many times to help he just said I need to go see a shrink. When Mom passes is he entitled to that money. Even if he thought I was mental and he used a few choses words at the time. He gave me no reason for not helping

Asked 9 months ago in Moncton, New Brunswick
Categories: Wills, Estates, Trusts

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