Can't i take support enforcement to court for damages?

I have had my pay checks gurnished by support enforcement based on false information given from my ex. Even when shown that the information was false support enforcement continued to go after my pay checks until I went public with the matter and the director personally looked into my account and stopped the garnishments. Then a few months passed and with out warning started to garnish my pay checks again because there system does not update quick. They took 2000.00 extra in one month and its going to effect me flying to and from work and may cause me to lose my job. Can I take them to court for damages?

Asked about 1 year ago in London, Ontario
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Hamoody Hassan

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If you can prove breach of trust and bad faith on their part, you may have a valid claim especially since you put them on notice. They are required by law to enforce outstanding support orders so support appears to be owing, an affidavit of arrears is filed and if the order remains in force technically, it may limit your right to sue. Hamoody Hassan Senior Counsel,

Posted about 1 year ago

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