Unsolved murder investigation

Question: I had a falling out with a friend 2 days ago ...yesterday the police came banging on my door and told me someone had brought up my name to them regarding a 11year old unsolved murder investigation,and told the police that I basically know who did it....that “friend” is being investigated by police on completely different matter , therefore I believe they gave this false information to police to save their own ass from being arrested...I told police I have no information for them and I don’t know anything (which is truth) I said I would even take. A lie detector test to prove my innocence,,, question —is their any way to find out who told these lies about me .? The cops said they wouldn’t tell me who it was ...If my name is being tossed around in such an important matter should the police be required to give me any information at all ???

Asked 4 months ago in Victoria, British Columbia
Categories: Criminal Law  Defamation, Libel, Slander

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