No contact order and proving innocence

Hi I someone had called in because me and my girlfriend were arguing a few weeks ago in the street at about one am we were at my parents house because it was my little sisters birthday and she wanted to go home because i was drinking and she is pregnant and doesn’t like that which I agree and won’t drink again. She ended up wanting to leave because we had an argument because of me drinking and so I started to walk with her back home and insisted because it was late that we just go back to my parents house I went to give her a hug and she hit me so I walked away when I went to walk away she ran up and hugged me and we made up and as we were walking back an officer he came and arrested me and someone lied and said that I hit her when I never ever would do such a thing because she Ian pregnant with my child and I am a very passive person and walk away rather than argue so they police put a no contact order on me and her and charged me with assault I’m going Monday to court to try to get the no contact order I understand that someone heard a guy and a girl yelling and assumed the worst but I’m really hurt because I would never ever do such a horrible thing all I want is for the no contact order to be dropped and to return home do you think the judge will drop the order I don’t have any prior records except for this and it’s killing me not being able to see her or talk to her at all

Asked over 1 year ago in Vernon, British Columbia
Categories: Criminal Law

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